Fahne Großbritannien

You want to get to know Germany as an aupair? You find information here and can apply here, too:

You find detailed information in our application forms and handouts, you can download and print them. Then send us your application, carefully filled out with your address and telephone number. Please do not forget your references. Mail your documents, fax or email them to a regional vij-placement office. Always apply for just one place, double applications will not be considered! If you have any questions you can call us or send us an email or a fax. We are delighted to answer and advice you for free. We will find a host family for you.


In order to be an aupair in Germany you have to be between 18 and 26 years old and physically and mentally healthy. You also need to speak and understand German. Not perfectly of course since you are coming to Germany to learn the language. Further you need experience with children and you must be able to cope with housework. Last but not least you need to be willing to live in a German host family for 6 to 12 months.

What does aupair mean and stand for?

The word "aupair" is French and means something like "on mutuality". As an aupair you learn a lot about others but also about yourself. You experience German every-day life and automatically improve your language skills. The concept of aupair stands for a give and take situation with rights and duties and with tolerance and respect for other people and unfamiliar cultures. As an aupair you will learn a lot about others but also about yourself. You will get to know the everyday life in Germany and you will casually improve your speaking skills.

  • aupairs receive monthly pocket money from their hosts
  • aupairs live the host family and have a room of their own
  • aupairs take part in the family life and also in meals
  • aupairs are off 1 ½ days a week
  • aupairs get two paid holidays every month
  • aupairs take part in a language course in their free time

We will help whenever there is a problem here in Germany, together we will find solutions. The care for you here in Germany is gratis for you.

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Your duties as an au pair

Mainly you take care of the children during the day. The children can be babies, nursery schoolchildren or might even go to school already. Once or twice a week you watch the kids at night, too. Older children might expect you to help with their homework. You do the cooking and play with the little ones. Altogether you help with the kids and the housework a maximum of 6 hours a day, respectively 30 hours a week - including the babysitting at night.

Our host families

The vij host families mostly have two to three younger children or babies. Many mothers and fathers have a college degree, often both are working. Our host families want and need reliable aupairs, who treat the children lovingly. The host parents are glad for your support, they are looking forward to many conversations and shared experiences. They will surely like to find out about you, your home country and your culture, too.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

We make sure to find the right family for you. The kids like their aupairs a lot. Many friendships develop and not seldomly last beyond a stay. You get to know the German way of life quite well in a family, with that your language will improve almost by itself. There are aupair meetings in many cities with a vij placement office. There you can get to know aupairs from many different countries. During your free time you can travel to other cities, visit cultural events or celebrate festivities with others.

What you should know

A stay abroad is a big step and therefore has to be prepared properly. Inform yourself about Germany in advance. It is important for you to already understand and speak some German. You need to be able to make yourself understood just in case any problems arise. There have seldomly been cases that someone else filled out the application forms and talked to the host family on the phone. In this case it might be necessary to send you back home!
It is very important that you send an honest application. If for example you are scared of dogs you should mention this. If you maybe cannot ride bikes that is also an important information, maybe you even get a chance to learn it over here!
Of a high importance is the fact that you should not plan your aupair time on your own! It is absolutely necessary to consult an agency. Finding a family on your own bears tremendous risks! With an organization you always have a person to turn to in case you ever have any problems. Many problems can even be avoided.This is more important than it might seem beforehand. An aupair stay needs to be accompanied. That's what we offer you.